L’Auberge Lys & Chardon

Hello all,

I’m excited to launch the blog of L’Auberge Lys & Chardon, where we’ll share recipes of our favorite dishes, showcase a little of the region by highlighting the amazing products we’re lucky enough to use in our kitchen, and hopefully give you all a reason to come visit us in the beautiful village of Saint-Placide.

Let me start with us.

I tried to find a photo of us at home but we don’t stand still long enough it would seem so actually this is us in Mexico

Frances & Alain Rousseau – proud owners of the lovely Auberge Lys & Chardon – B&B and bistro in the lower Laurentians. With our amazing staff (more of them in the next post) we offer 5 rooms to rent, and our Bistro is open Thursday – Sunday. The latest menu can be found here.